Keeping the Penny

Or…Saving Like a Single Mom…

The dollar is in my desk drawer. Every time I slide it open, for a pen, or a stamp, I see it. And him. George. He’s right on top, face up. Hi George. Bye, George. I know you are in there. 

Dollars are important. Not just this one, which inspires and reminds, but all of them. It is important, for obvious reasons, to get them and keep them, especially when they don’t do that very well in Washington. For people like me, who have the task of getting and keeping them on their own, the sight of a dollar or a paycheck is at once a celebration and a warning. Good job for getting it, but quick, get another. Do it fast. Put it under the mattress. Forget it’s there. 

I think that if people who have a second household income pretended that they didn’t, they would wind up with far more money in the bank. It’s sort of like, if male people menstruated, they would understand more. Anyway, it is different when there is no one behind you, when you are the goalie. The pressure is heightened, clearly, but so is the power of analysis, solution and spunk. The spunk part is the most fun. Yes, saving can be fun. Here’s how…


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