Just Thinking

Sometimes I feel like the captain of a team. It’s not because we play a lot of sports in our house. We do play a lot of sports. The guy at the oil change place asked if I were a gym teacher, after opening the trunk. But it is not that kind of group, or enterprise. It is more of a notion, an ideal. I feel that I am captain of some purpose, comprised of three people, but more ethereal, if that makes any sense. 

Logistics can rule the day, and it is easy to get tangled in the schedule, the chores, the times. Homework time, dance time, soccer time, dinner time. Bed time. Phew. The part that gets you off the track is the decision time. Watching them draw the right conclusions, solve the dilemmas. Handle the unexpected. This is the best part. You have to remember to step off the track on purpose, if it doesn’t happen on its own. 

My 11 year old had to create a scrapbook about herself earlier in the school year. Under a photo of herself, at four and covered with paint, she wrote, “My mom tells me, ‘Messy is good.'” I’m glad she remembered that. I think it is important to know.


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