“Serious” Journalism

So, a magazine is shut down and one of its editors thinks she can go online and request donations from people so that she can go fly on John McCain’s campaign plane during the last week it will be airborne. The gaul of that. As a reporter, to think that you are so critical to coverage, when, surprise!, a planeful of people is covering the campaign without you, is so excruciatingly  pompous. The news, or non-news of the McCain story, is already being over-covered. The news…and here’s the news alert…is not about you, the reporter, but about the news. There’s a fresh idea.

How embarrassing for the editor, Ana Marie Cox (I think that’s her name), who so clearly wants to be the story rather than report it. Serious shtick, methinks. Wouldn’t it be more useful to request donations for cancer research? 


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