Work it Out…Likeasinglemom

Today is an exciting blog day. It is the launch of Work it Out. You explain the dilemma, likeasinglemom offers solutions.

There are no boundaries on the types of issues we can talk about….we face them all, from parenting, time management, career, friends, finance and love life, to fashion, changing fan bulbs, repairing small electronic devices and playing football. I think that single moms approach challenges in a way that is streamlined, analytical and efficient. Whether you begin this way or not, you will wind up here, which is a good thing. A good thing that married moms and dads and kids and uncles can learn from, too. 

So…ask away. I will do my best to answer. 

Oh, no questions about large electronic devices, which include car engines and carburetors, and lawn mowers. Can do washing machines and leaf blowers. 

Carry on.


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