Should Be a Law Against It

This morning, I had to go to Family Court for something silly. While you wait for your turn, you can sit in the seats in the back of the courtroom and listen to the cases of the people ahead of you. One after another, in threes, an attorney would approach the bench with two people, a married couple. The story was the same for each trio. A child or children were neglected or abused by their parents, and the two people were asking the judge for conservatorship. They were aunts, uncles, great uncles. In several cases, it was the mother who had abandoned the child. The father was unknown, not listed on the birth certificates. In all of the cases I heard, the judge granted the request. Generally, the children had been living with their relatives for at least six months already.

My ex-husband’s attorney hauled me to court to simply agree to something that could have been agreed to on the phone or by mail. She wasted two hours of my time, but earned two hours worth of fees from her client. And, in the midst of such serious and life-changing difficulty for so many families, she wasted the court’s time…scheduling the “hearing,” sending out notices, standing before the bench. The nice judge told us to settle it in the hall. Talk about silly. 



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