A Very UnPOPular Opinion

I am hoping that we can be done with the Michael Jackson story now. I have not appreciated the relentless news coverage of his death. Clearly, he was a gifted performer. He was one of many gifted performers who straddled racial lines, one of many who could transcend age, who could sing and dance wonderfully. For that, he deserves acclaim. He is in that crowd. Sam Cooke. Little Richard. Diana Ross.

But, if what initial reports are saying turn out to be true, Michael Jackson may emerge as an abuser of drugs. I am sorry. Singing and dancing doesn’t trump drug abuse, especially when you have children. 

There, I said it. It is an unpopular position, I bet. I loved the Jackson Five. I grew up with ABC. Had the album in my college dorm. 

One of his brothers said today that Michael Jackson was under terrible stress, unable to walk across the street without being mobbed. I think that everybody has pressures. I think that people who can’t walk across the street because they have no legs probably feel worse. It doesn’t sit well with me, the adoration for the man. I think that you can adore the music. I don’t like that he has been cast as an “icon,” because that implies that we all think that he is. I don’t think that he is. I think that he was a talented guy who sang and danced incredibly well. And did drugs. And despite warnings, forgot, or didn’t care, that he probably shouldn’t have.



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2 responses to “A Very UnPOPular Opinion

  1. diapersanddivas

    Agreed! I must admit…I did watch the first 18 hours of his memorial, but enough now. He was a legend and an icon, but there are issues in the world that need addressing more than Mike right now. Sorry he’s gone…..but let’s move on….

  2. Hooray for you – sosososo many people are SO over the MJ thing, and thinks its absolutely a crime that the city of Los Angeles afforded that mob-scene of a memorial… seriously? We honestly think a pop singer should be treated as if he were a legendary world leader? Our society’s sick lust for vicarious stalking of celebrities has reached new heights to be sure.

    Parading his children on stage was the disgusting moment for me… for heaven’s sake, he didn’t have one biological thing to do with those children – he PAID for them… and lets not forget the allegations of molestation not to mention (as you did) the runaway train drug abuse – sorry, but I’m embarrassed that the US gets so high off of this sort of thing.

    BTW- found your blog from a post you wrote on the NY Times this AM.

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