Booking It

Page one hundred. Rounding the curve. I am writing a book, and it feels a little like a race. A 400. Once around the track. It is the hardest race to run, because it is a sprint. You can slow down slightly in the third quarter, just to knock it out in the fourth. If you don’t throw up at the end, you win. 

I have given myself until the end of August to finish, for various reasons. I think I am in good shape. The story is in my head, and sketched on paper, and it is coming out in unexpected and interesting ways, which is what is supposed to happen when stories are in your head and you give them a place, and time, to emerge. So, I am happy.

My hope is, someone will love it when it is done and offer to sell it to someone else who will love it, too, and buy it. Then, I will be a guest on Oprah. And sit on the right where she always sits because that is my better side. Sorry, Oprah. Meantime, I write three pages a day, sometimes more. Read it out loud to myself. And keep going. 



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2 responses to “Booking It

  1. Ruth Rich

    I will read your book for sure! So there, you’ve got one sale already.

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